Double Eccentric Flanged Butterfly Valve

                            Double Eccentric Flanged Butterfly Valve
General: The Rubber-seat Double eccentric Flange Butterfly valve,can be used for water supply and draniage systems in the industries of problem processing,chemicals,water works,Power generating factory,mill plant,paper-making and water source projects,especially suitable for use as anideal equipment for throttling or shutting off flow in water pipelines.
Size: DN100-DN2000
Design Standard: DIN PN10/16;  BS4504 PN10/16
Features:  1. Compact in construction,easy to install and maintain
2. The double eccentric structure reduces friction of the sealing ring,providing the valve a long service life.
3. Bubble-tight sealing with no leakage under testing pressure.
4. Replacing materials of the disc sealing ring,”O”ring,and disc,the valve can be used for various medium and tempreture.


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