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Ball Valves Supplier and Manufacturer

We, Shanghai Dreamax Industrial Co., Ltd, offer industry with dependable, cost effective, safe and quality assured valves that can be adaptable to changing system technology and plant operations. We offer them in different varieties such as two-piece, one piece or three-piece along with conventional or full port. With lockable handle, our valves are designed with threaded welded, butt welded, grooved or flanged end connections to ensure superior control of flow. We offer you with several options in our stock with customized designs that can meet a specific application in a desired manner.

As one of the leading Ball Valves Supplier, we offer valves in numerous configurations for heavy industrial and high-pressure hydraulic applications in petroleum, gas production, and crude oil, hydraulic and petrochemical industries. Strong construction of our products allows them to have resistance against corrosion and long functional life in order to ensure excellent flow control.

  • Threaded Ball Valve 1-PC
  • Threaded Ball Valve 2-PC
  • Ball Valve 2-PC With Mounting Pad
  • Threaded Ball Valve 3-PC
  • Ball Valve 3-PC With Mounting Pad
  • 3 Way Threaded Ball Valve
  • 3 Way Ball Valve With Mounting Pad
  • 4 Way Ball Valve With Mounting Pad
  • Mini Ball Valve Female Thread
  • Mini Ball Valve Female/Male Thread
  • Ball Valve 1-PC Flanged
  • Ball Valve 2-PC Flanged ANSI
  • Ball Valve 2-PC Flanged DIN
  • Ball Valve 3-PC Flanged ANSI
  • Ball Valve 3-PC Flanged DIN
  • 3 Way Ball Valve Flanged
  • 4 Way Ball Valve Flanged
  • 2-PC Body Trunnion Ball Valve
  • 3-PC Body Trunnion Ball Valve
  • V-Type Ball Valve Flanged
  • Forged Steel Wafer Type Ball Valve
  • Cast Steel Wafer Type Ball Valve
  • Metal-to-metal Seat Ball Valve
  • Fully Welded Body Ball Valve
  • Cryogenic Ball Valve
  • Side Entry Trunnion Ball Valve
  • Water Power Station Ball Valve
  • Top-Entry Ball Valve