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DREAMAX is proud to be the leader in manufacturing and exporting various valves with high quality, favourable prices, fast delivery and excellet services.

In daily life we need various different kind of supplies like the water and LPG gas and we as the suppliers of Gate Valve Manufacturer very effective supply chain system so it can reach to our houses without any fuss. We incorporate a chain of supply pipes for the supply of gas and fluid. Gate valves are used to control the flow of liquid and it is generally operated by turning a wheel and the gate moves up and down.

Along with the pipeline, valves are needed so that the supply can be controlled as per the requirement of the users. Valves are devices that can very effectively manage the flow and redirect the supply in a desired manner. These valves can easily close and open the passage of the supply as per the operator handling the supply chain.

The need of every Gate Valve Manufacturer is different from the other and they can choose the one that meets their requirement. Thus, as it is operated slowly the chances of water hammering is negligible. If the stems are rising and is visible it means the Gate Valve is open and when the stems are not visible it means the Valve is closed. It should be used either in open or closed conditions, if partially kept it might get damaged by water pressure and vibration.

There are many different kinds of valves that are available in the market and all these valves serves an entire different purpose when it comes to their effective use. Gate Valve Manufacturer makes sure to stay in contact with the flowing water, and it is highly susceptible to corrosion and subsequently becomes non-functional and finally breaks. It is quite easy to realize which position the gate is by looking at the rising stems, which are part of the Gate Valves.

  • Gate Valve Threaded 200PSI
  • Gate Valve Cast Steel Flanged
  • Cast Iron Non-rising stem resilient soft seated
  • Cast Iron Rising stem resilient soft seated
  • Cast Iron Non-rising stem metal seated Gate valve
  • Cast Iron Rising stem metal seated Gate valve
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Bolted Bonnet
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Welded Bonnet
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Pressure Sealed Bonnet
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Extended Body
  • Forged Steel Gate Valve Flanged
  • Cryogenic Gate Valve
  • Slab Gate Valve
  • Pressure Seal Gate Valve