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DREAMAX is proud to be the leader in manufacturing and exporting various valves with high quality, favourable prices, fast delivery and excellet services.

I Butterfly valves are used to prevent and isolate the flow of fluid in industrial sectors. Popular amongst the customers because of its low cost and light weight, they are easy to handle and very fast in stopping the flow. There are different types of butterfly valves are available in the market for wide range of uses and pressures.

Being the leading butterfly valve Manufacturer, we always aim on providing the standards and norms quality we want as a company. Every manufacturer assures that every design of valve is better than the previous one but we truly make an effort to make the product even better. The butterfly valve doesn’t leak from anywhere and won’t damage by corrosion. Before manufacturing these butterfly valves they ensure the thickness of shell, torque capabilities and material of construction.

Different type of material is used in the construction of butterfly valve so that it can deliver best. Each material has used in the making have both advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel is preferably used to manufacture the valve and seat because butterfly valve Manufacturer provide cost-effective solutions to its customers. They are easy to maintain and possess low maintenance cost and perform amazingly well in worst conditions.

Butterfly valves can be operated in the most adverse conditions and it is supposed to perform well in stress situations. These valves are very short and precise that’s why mostly preferred in industrial applications. Regardless of the direction of the fluid, the edge of the discs will always be little bit upstream which is good in worst conditions. They are considered very reliable, effective and don’t ask for regular maintenance.

  • Wafer Butterfly Valve
  • Lug Type Butterfly Valve
  • Stainless Steel Lug Type Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer Butterfly Valve Disc Coated Nylon
  • Wafer Butterfly Valve Extended Bonnet
  • Single Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • Double Eccentric Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • High Performance U Type Flanged Butterfly Valve
  • Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Center Line
  • Triple-eccentricity Butterfly Valve
  • Al-bronze Wafer/Lug Butterfly Valve
  • Groove end butterfly valve
  • Grooved end fire signal butterfly valve
  • Hale Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer Butterfly Valve Full PTFE Coated
  • Wafer Butterly Valve Two Shaft