Sanitary Three-piece Butterfly Valve

                                        Sanitary Three-piece Butterfly Valve
Sanitary valves are widely used in food, beer, beverage, dairy products, cosmetic, pharmacy and biology engineering field. As a professional Sanitary Valves Manufacturer, we can supply many kinds of sanitary valves such as threaded butterfly valve, quick-install (clamped) butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, threaded-welded butterfly valve, flange-welded butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve. The specification is as below:
Standard: SMS, 3A , DIN, IDF, ISO, RJT
Size: DN15-DN250, 1”-10”
Body Material: Stainless 304/316L
Gasket Material: EPDM、NBR、FPM 
Working Pressure:  ≤1.0Mpa 
Ends: Threaded, Welded, Clamped
Operation: Manual, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator.
Suitable medium: Liquid, gas, oil and high corrosive chemical media
Temperature: -10℃+150℃ 


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