Sanitary Butterfly Type Ball Valve

                                      Sanitary Butterfly Type Ball Valve
Sanitary valves are widely used in food, beer, beverage, dairy products, cosmetic, pharmacy and biology engineering field. As a professional Sanitary Valves Manufacturer, we can supply many kinds of sanitary valves such as sanitay butterfly valve, sanitary ball valve, sanitary check valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, sanitary sample valve, sanitary relief valve and sanitary reversing valve. The specification is as below:
Standard: SMS, 3A , DIN, IDF, ISO, RJT
Size: DN15-DN250, 1”-10”
Body Material: Stainless 304/316L
Gasket Material: EPDM、NBR、FPM 
Working Pressure:  ≤1.0Mpa 
Ends: Threaded, Welded, Clamped
Operation: Manual, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator.
Suitable medium: Liquid, gas, oil and high corrosive chemical media
Temperature: -10℃+150℃ 


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